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Carmichael is a valuable resource and a leading resource provider to nonprofits in communities across Ireland. We are also an essential service in our local community where our centre is used by resident members, nonprofit organisations, trainers & neighbours.

Our training calendar provides the nonprofit sector with important opportunities to learn, connect and engage in meaningful interactions. We have a considerable impact in communities across the country creating sustainable relationships and through our service delivery offering guidance and supports to nonprofits including charities, community organisations, sports and arts groups, clubs and associations.

We have a significant reach nationwide, in 2017 over 1,450 people attended our customised training programmes, we provided a combination of information, updates, and informal supports to over 3,400 people working in the sector. Over 30,336 people accessed our Centre and we had 1,416 meeting room bookings by 89 different organisations.

Unique partnerships of corporate philanthropic and government support makes everything Carmichael does possible. It allows us to continue to provide nonprofits with the resources and supports they need to increase their capacity, impact and accountability in a cost effective way.

By supporting us in our work your organisation can make a difference in the lives of many and showcase your commitment to civic service and community support. We need your help to fund our services and we invite you to be part of this vibrant community. Make a difference, your support is critical to ensuring we can continue to guide community based organisations across the country working to the common good.


  • Your strategic partnership demonstrates your company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility by allowing you to align your goals with our programmes and heighten the visibility of your brand and logo.
  • We have a diverse and engaging audience across the country. Our brand is widely recognised and your company will experience a reach of local and national exposure and benefit from the positive image of supporting Carmichael. We wish to develop personal relevant and engaging strategies that support your brands business goals and we can explore sponsorship and partnership options that work for you.
  • Contributions are always wisely invested so that we continue to create an impact. We are committed to the highest standards of transparency, integrity and accountability.

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Event Sponsorship
  • Meeting Room Sponsorship
  • Product Sponsorship
  • Training Programme Sponsorship
  • In-Kind Sponsorship
  • Sponsor a campaign


  • Complete Donation
  • Partial Donation
  • Grant
  • Professional Services
  • In-Kind Sponsorship & Services

If you require further information or to learn more about how your company can benefit from sponsorship opportunities take the next step and connect with us

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