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28 Nov 2023

Enhancing Data Visualisation in PowerPoint – Online 28/11/2023

Target Audience

Anyone presenting with PowerPoint who wants to display data visually.

Pre-requisites: Prior knowledge of PowerPoint to a basic level is essential.


Learn to create graphs and charts that effectively display your data. The session will cover the following;

  • Appropriate visualisation for different data types
  • Design Principles for effective data visualisation
  • Common mistakes to avoid


Delivered virtually via Zoom.


Fiona Walsh

With 25 years in corporate, Fiona has seen her fair share of bad slides. As an IT Manager/Trainer, she became the primary go-to person for help with anything PowerPoint related.

She set up her business in 2019 to provide bespoke PowerPoint training to organisations. She loves it when a client gets an ‘aha’ moment as they realise there’s a more innovative way to do something, and it will save them time. She is passionate about teaching people how to create slides that are fit for purpose and engaging. She also focuses on presenting confidently, including best practices in the boardroom, at a conference and online, for example, with MS Teams. Fiona is a certified Microsoft Master Trainer and became Director of Education for the Presentation Guild (a global organisation for presentation professionals) in January 2023.


  • Confidence in presenting data in PowerPoint using tables and charts and highlighting the story you want your data to tell.


Carmichael’s Autumn/Winter 2023 Scheduled Training Programme is kindly sponsored by BoardEffect.

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