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26 Jan 2022

Excel Experts – Master your Vlookups – Online 26/01/2022

Target Audience

Experienced Excel users wanting to learn more about Vlookups.


In this short course you will learn how to use this function to: compare lists of data, link two data sets together. You will also learn how to make it easier to identity non-matching items. You will also get a chance to learn about some alternatives to Vlookup e.g. Index/Match and Xlookup.


  • Delivered virtually via Zoom.
  • GiraffePad will be the platform used to hold the Zoom links/training materials.


Anne Walsh

Anne Walsh has been an IT trainer since Excel came on Windows 95. She has been a freelance IT trainer since the mid-90s. She is a MOS Master Instructor. She is also the author of “Your Excel Survival Kit: Your guide to surviving and thriving in an Excel world” which has been receiving consistent 5 star reviews on Amazon. She blogs regularly at

You can read testimonials for her work at


€70Nonprofit Organisation
€60Carmichael Resident Organisation
€80Statutory/Corporate Organisation

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