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17 Sep 2021

Financial Awareness Training – Fraud Prevention & Detection – Online 17/09/2021

Target Audience

Board members, Trustees, Committee members and managers of not-for-profit organisations and charities who are concerned about the risk of fraud and the resultant reputational damage to their organisation and their charitable goals.


With increased emphasis on transparency, accountability and compliance with corporate governance requirements, the onus is firmly placed on board members and trustees to equip themselves with the skills needed to appraise, analyse, and interrogate the financial information they are presented with. This workshop will outline the concepts of risk identification and profiling, how to identify problem areas, using internal controls systems to help manage the risk of fraud and implementing sensible strategies to try to prevent fraud occurring.

Case studies of how recent frauds were perpetrated in charities will be looked at to help identify the danger signals and the need for a fraud management plan.

This is an introductory 3-hour workshop to train people on the issues of risk management, accounting internal controls and preventing and detecting fraud.


Delivered virtually via Zoom.


Martin Corboy FCMA, MBA

Martin is a trainer with Carmichael and a lecturer on professional accountancy courses for the last 20 years. He is a Chartered Management Accountant and is a former Inspector of Taxes and treasurer of a small charity.


At the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Understand what is risk, risk profiling and risk appetite.
  • Understand risk management frameworks.
  • Understand what internal controls are and how can internal controls reduce the risk of fraud.
  • Know what the Charities Regulator’s financial controls requirements are for charities.
  • Understand what behavioural evidence could suggest that fraud is being committed and what are the other signs of fraud.
  • Understand what are the reasons for poor internal controls.
  • Understand the benefits of ethical codes of conduct.
  • Know how to use financial data given to boards to spot early warning indicators.


€70Nonprofit Organisation
€60Carmichael Resident Organisation
€80Statutory/Corporate Organisation

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