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Governance Code eLearning Resource

Target Audience

This eLearning resource is for any organisations requiring more assistance as they embark on the journey to compliance with the Governance Code.


This eLearning programme is a very comprehensive resource to help organisations to comply with the Governance Code. Compliance with the Code demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to the highest possible standards of good governance. Structured as a practical and instructive eLearning course, the Governance Code eLearning resource provides organisations with a step-by-step approach to completing the journey.

A great advantage of this eLearning resource is that it also provides organisations with explanatory notes, sample and template policies and working documents.

What is the Governance Code?

The Governance Code is a resource to assist community, voluntary and charitable (CVC) organisations to develop their overall capacity in terms of how they run their organisation. It is a voluntary code available to all boards/committees/ executives of not-for-profit groups to encourage them to check themselves against best practice in the management of their affairs.

The Code has been developed by people with extensive experience in the CVC sector and it takes account of the different types of organisations which exist in the diverse world of volunteering across the country.

See a short preview of the Governance Code eLearning Resource video.


  • Set and achieve organisational goals more effectively and efficiently
  • Reassure service users, funders and public that their money is being managed by a well-run organisation with a commitment to good governance
  • Increase transparency – in that everyone knows exactly how the organisation is being run
  • Avoid bad risks
  • Help reduce costs.


€150per organisation

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