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4 Mar 2020

Introduction to Risk Management

Target Audience

This short workshop is aimed at Board members/Trustees or Senior Executive Officers of community, voluntary or charity organisations who need to develop or enhance their understanding of Risk Management.


This workshop will enable participants to develop a good understanding of Risk Management within an organisation and the tools which can be employed to minimise risk.  In addition to attending the course, participants will have access to our e-learning module on the same subject and will be able to download course material.

  • Understand Risk
  • Understand Risk Categories
  • Understand Risk Management and Know Why It Is Important
  • Understand What Makes A Good Risk Management System



Andrew Madden

Andrew Madden joined the staff of Carmichael in July 2015 as Training and E-Learning Officer. He has a long history of working with Carmichael and many other community, voluntary and non-profit organisations. Educated in Project Management, Management Principles and a certified Microsoft Master Instructor, Andrew has successfully worked within the sector on governance, management and IT skills as well as having experience in running his own business.

Andrew was a member of the Council of GAISCE, The President’s Award for Young People (2012–2018) and a member of the Board Oversight Committee of Meath Street Credit Union (2014-2017). In April 2017, Andrew was awarded a Certificate in Charity Law, Trusteeship & Governance from the Law Society of Ireland and in March 2018 he was awarded a Diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy from the Dublin Business School.


  • Understand the nature of risk in voluntary and charitable organisations
  • Categorise risks
  • Understand Risk Management and know why it is important
  • Understand what makes a good Risk Management System 


€70Nonprofit Organisation
€60Carmichael Resident Organisation
€80Statutory/Corporate Organisation

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