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21 Feb 2019

NEW Charities Governance Code

Target Audience

 Trustees, Chairs, CEOs, and those responsible for governance in their Charity.


The NEW Charities Governance Code explains the minimum standards you should meet to effectively manage and control your charity.


Derek O'Reilly

Derek O’Reilly is Training Manager at Carmichael. He coordinates and delivers Carmichael's training and development programmes, customised training and consultancy services for boards and managers. Derek has many years’ experience of governance, management and quality assurance of community organisations in Ireland, Africa and Eastern Europe. In recent years he has developed training programmes on behalf of statutory bodies as well as a wide range of community and voluntary organisations around the country.


  • Understand the six principles of governance which all charities should apply
  • Understand how to meet the core standards for each of the six principles
  • Understand the additional standards that reflect best practice for more complex charities
  • Understand how to report on compliance to the Charities Regulator
  • See how the new Charities Governance Code relates to the Governance Code for Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations


€70Nonprofit Organisation
€60Carmichael Resident Organisation
€80Statutory/Corporate Organisation

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