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23 Nov 2018

Preparing an Annual Report

Target Audience

Anyone involved or wishing to be involved in producing an Annual Report for their organisation.


The aim of this session is to understand how to produce the best annual report for your not-for-profit organisation.

This course covers the basics of what is required in an annual report and then focuses on how to use the annual report as a way of showing the public, your members and funders how good your organisation is. The session will involve presentation and working in groups. Participants should bring a copy of their organisation’s most recent annual report with them.


Adrienne Collins

Adrienne has worked in a range of non-profit and public sector organisations and has also been a board member of two non-profit organisations. She has worked in the areas of social policy and research; human resources and governance; and training. Adrienne has delivered training to board members, staff and volunteers as well as developing training strategies and planning and evaluating training programmes. She has a degree in Economic and Social Studies, a Masters in Equality Studies, an Advanced Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching and has completed the Leaders for Change programme.


At the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Be aware of the purpose of the annual report
  • Describe the legal requirements for an annual report
  • Review annual reports against a set of best practice criteria
  • Decide on type of presentation and content
  • Plan how to produce an effective annual report for your organisation.


€70Nonprofit Organisation
€60Carmichael Resident Organisation
€80Statutory/Corporate Organisation


Reviewing each other’s reports – interactive.
Fantastic content and facilitator.
Clarity of presentation. Presentation excellent, very well prepared.
Doing the group sessions, handouts and checklists - excellent.

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