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11 May 2023

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults – Online 11/05/2023

Target Audience

Individuals or organisations providing services to or coming into contact with vulnerable adults needing to know more about Safeguarding responsibilities.


  • Recognising Abuse
  • Reporting Concerns
  • Responding to Allegations
  • Safeguarding Culture

 This course aims to enable to learner to understand:

  • The principles of safeguarding
  • The indicators of abuse
  • The roles, responsibilities, and actions a person should take in safeguarding vulnerable adults at risk of abuse.

 As the learner progresses through the course, they will become aware of how to:

  • Respond appropriately and accurately to reports and allegations of abuse
  • Recognise safeguarding needs and potential indicators of abuse with vulnerable adults
  • Recognise Responsibilities and understand their responsibilities as a care provider
  • Record important and relevant material accurately and promptly
  • Report any abuse allegations to the appropriate manager & where criminal activity is suspected contact the Gardai.


Delivered virtually via Zoom.


Maighréad Kelly

Maighréad is an experienced Consultant and Director at Collaboration Ireland and has been working in the community and voluntary sector for over 30 years. She has a depth of understanding of the community, voluntary and health sector - its operational and policy context, its political sensitivities and its people, organisations, and systems. Prior to becoming a consultant in 2018, Maighréad worked in the disability sector for over 25 years and was responsible for establishing new services, setting up projects in the community and managing large teams of staff which included training and facilitating meetings, and workshops. Maighréad is also a Safeguarding and Risk Consultant who will undertake investigations and inquiries on behalf of disability organisations in the Munster Region. Maighréad is both experienced and knowledgeable in the area of governance and assessing governance compliance within companies. She will partner with your charity, organisation, or social enterprise to help your CEO and Board of Directors to identify the areas of priority in order to be compliant with the Charity Regulators Code.


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