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19 Feb 2020

The Charities Governance Code

Target Audience

 Trustees, Chairs, CEOs, and those responsible for governance in their Charity.


The Charities Governance Code explains the minimum standards you should meet to effectively manage and control your charity. This workshop will walk you through the requirements of the code including actions and evidence needed to demonstrate compliance. If your organisation has already started or completed the Governance Code for Community, Voluntary and Charitable organisations, it will help you to use the evidence you already have to comply with the new Charities Governance Code.


Andrew Madden

Andrew Madden joined the staff of Carmichael in July 2015 as Training and E-Learning Officer. He has a long history of working with Carmichael and many other community, voluntary and non-profit organisations. Educated in Project Management, Management Principles and a certified Microsoft Master Instructor, Andrew has successfully worked within the sector on governance, management and IT skills as well as having experience in running his own business.

Andrew was a member of the Council of GAISCE, The President’s Award for Young People (2012–2018) and a member of the Board Oversight Committee of Meath Street Credit Union (2014-2017). In April 2017, Andrew was awarded a Certificate in Charity Law, Trusteeship & Governance from the Law Society of Ireland and in March 2018 he was awarded a Diploma in Digital Marketing & Strategy from the Dublin Business School.


  • Understand the six principles of governance which all charities should apply
  • Understand how to meet the core standards for each of the six principles
  • Understand the additional standards that reflect best practice for more complex charities
  • Understand how to report on compliance to the Charities Regulator


€70Nonprofit Organisation
€80Statutory/Corporate Organisation
€60Carmichael Resident Organisation

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