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31 May 2022

The Role of the Treasurer – Online 31/05/2022

Target Audience

Treasurers serving on the Boards of non-profit organisations or people thinking of serving in that capacity.


  • Main duties of a treasurer in any organisation.
  • Treasurer duties in charities and companies.
  • Basic financial management for non-profits.
  • Ensuring your non-profit is financially accountable.
  • Preparing budget projections.
  • What is required in end of year accounts.
  • Governance around fundraising.
  • Preparing a financial policy.


Delivered virtually via Zoom.


Liam Scollan

Liam Scollan's background includes CEO of an international airport and of a government development agency. He is also rooted in the voluntary sector with a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by communities. During the Covid crisis he designed a unique approach to helping organisations return to operation His approach is informed by his knowledge of the protocols and his practical management experience.

He holds postgraduate qualifications in community education and is an ACC certified coach with the International Coach Federation. He is a passionate advocate of sustainable living, wellbeing and rural development and enjoys playing traditional music. He is an associate of Carmichael, a long-established and trusted support organisation for the not-for-profit sector. Learn more about Liam on


  • Understand what is involved in being a treasurer.
  • Have the skills to exercise financial control.
  • Be able to prepare budget projections.
  • Be familiar with the governance requirements for treasurers.
  • All course participants will receive the presentation slides.

All participants will receive a helpful time-saving resource in the form of Financial Policy template adaptable for their own use and containing best practice.


€70Nonprofit Organisation
€60Carmichael Resident Organisation
€80Statutory/Corporate Organisation

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