Good Governance Awards

The Good Governance Awards recognises and encourages adherence to good governance by nonprofit organisations in Ireland. It was developed by Carmichael with the support of our partners and leading national bodies in the nonprofit sector.

Partner organisations:

  • Davy
  • Governance Online
  • Mason Hayes & Curran
  • Mazars

Supporting organisations:

  • Boardmatch Ireland
  • Charities Institute Ireland
  • Dóchas
  • Enclude
  • The Wheel
  • Volunteer Ireland


The Good Governance Awards seek to;

  • Acknowledge, encourage and promote good governance practice in the nonprofit sector
  • Support and encourage the nonprofit sector to use their annual reports and financial statements to showcase their culture, people, public face, tone, achievements and future plans.
  • Provide practical examples to other non-profit organisations as to what an excellent director’s report and financial statements look like.
  • Recognise governance improvement initiatives which have been undertaken by nonprofits.

Good Governance matters not only because it promotes compliance within the law but also because it has a strong bearing on an organisation’s effectiveness in achieving its mission. Good governance in non-profit organisations is at the heart of what makes them successful. By focusing on the information that nonprofits make available through their annual reports and financial statements, the Good Governance Awards initiative reinforces the important connection between good governance and accountability.

Annual reports and financial statements represent a real opportunity for organisations to demonstrate transparency and trust, showcase their culture, how they are governed, what they have achieved and their future plans and the Good Governance Awards is an important initiative that seeks to encourage and promote higher standards of good practice.

An excellent panel of highly experienced judges adjudicate on shortlisted entries and select the winners. Organisations can self-nominate or be nominated and winners receive their awards at a special ceremony.

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