A Dip Before 9 For Parentline

20 May 2021

Parentline has partnered up with Salesforce for a very special fundraising event. Salesforce is a global leader in customer relationship management (CRM) and employs 2,100 people. The company has a strong ethos of giving back to the community and volunteering for non profits.

Salesforce is encouraging all of its employees, customers and partners wherever they live, to take a dip in the sea on Friday June 11th in a bid to raise funds for Parentline. Parentline is a national, confidential helpline that offers support, information and guidance in confidence and without judgment to parents of children of all ages and in relation to any parenting issues.

The funds raised in support of this special and exciting event will particularly be targeted at increasing the awareness nationwide of the Post-Natal Depression supports offered by Parentline to new mothers. This is particularly in light of figures that show that four out of five women get some form of baby blues and between 10% and 15% go on the develop PND. This is a vast number of new mothers considering there are approximately 62,000 births in Ireland each year.

Along with encouraging employees and the entire Salesforce community to take a dip In the sea on June 11th and to donate to Parentline, Salesforce, the company, has committed to match any and all funds raised by its employees and their friends and families.

But the event is not limited to Salesforce and its employees and can be participated in by the wider community. So I would encourage everyone to come out on the day and bring a gang or even a few to your local beach, lake or river and dip a toe or a hand or even your full body into the water. Just remember to do so safely!

Carmichael are hoping as many people and organisations as possible will pass  on the news of this great fundraising event to anyone who might be interested. Any donations can be made through the iDonate button on the Parentline website.

Parentline are a resident Carmichael organisation. You can keep up to date with all their great work here.

We all look forward to seeing some of you braving the water on the day and all for a great cause!