Our Team

Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí

Chief Executive Officer

Email: diarmaid@carmichaelireland.ie


Roisin McGuigan

Services Manager

Email: roisin@carmichaelireland.ie

Training & Consultancy

Andrew Madden

Head of Training, Consultancy & Communications

Email: andrew@carmichaelireland.ie

Derek O’Reilly

Training Manager

Email: derekoreilly@carmichaelireland.ie

Serena Teng

Training & Development Officer

Email: training@carmichaelireland.ie

Olive Clarke

Administration Assistant

Email: admin.training@carmichaelireland.ie

Miriam Bridgeman

Administration Assistant (Part-time)

Email: ce.training@carmichaelireland.ie


Maeve Withington

Communications Officer

Email: communications@carmichaelireland.ie

Customer Services

Sam Dwan

Facilities Officer

Email: mainoffice@carmichaelireland.ie

ICT Support

Derek Grimes

ICT Support Manager


Accountancy & Payroll

Keith O’Reilly

Chief Financial Officer

Email: keith@carmichaelireland.ie

Josephine Leddy

Finance and Payroll Administrator

Email: josephine@carmichaelireland.ie

Barbara Nita

Finance Administrator

Email: barbara@carmichaelireland.ie

Community Employment

Ed Murphy

CE Supervisor

Email: ed@carmichaelireland.ie

Lindsey Melia

Assistant CE Supervisor

Email: lindsey@carmichaelireland.ie


Lee O’Brien

Facilities Manager

Email: lee@carmichaelireland.ie

Ray McKenzie


Email: maintenance@carmichaelireland.ie