About Us

Carmichael is a leading specialist training and support body for nonprofits in Ireland. Our training, support and resources enable our members and partners to be:

  • Better informed and equipped to carry out their own remits more effectively
  • Aware of and able to employ best practice for good governance
  • Better networked with and supported by peer organisations
  • More efficient and effectively run so that they are trusted by their funders and supporters.

With over 30 years’ experience based on a foundation of 40+ resident organisations we provide expert guidance to nonprofits to support them to become more effective and impactful at what they do. We believe good governance is the beating heart of a healthy nonprofit sector.

Carmichael as an accommodation provider also believes that by co-locating in a shared space, pooling resources and tapping into peer support and services, that resident organisations in both Carmichael House and Coleraine House can save time, reduce cost, upskill and thereby, focus more on delivering quality services to their beneficiaries.

Our Mission

To work with nonprofit organisations to enhance their governance and effectiveness in delivering their objectives, by using Carmichael’s sector knowledge, experience, resources and physical space to help them achieve real and positive change for their beneficiaries.

Our Vision

A society where nonprofit organisations are valued and supported to achieve their goals and positively impact their beneficiaries and communities.

Our Values

Good Governance: We uphold and promote the principles of good governance: integrity, transparency, accountability, effectiveness and leadership.

Communities of Practice: We operate as a leader across the sector to build communities of practice spreading knowledge and embedding insights into organisational performance.

Quality: We strive for the highest possible standards of professionalism and expertise in everything we do.

Responsiveness: When organisations contact us, we work with them to meet their needs. We work to understand the needs of nonprofits that contact us and respond with solutions that are practical and tailored to their specific requirements.