Strategic Objectives

1. Drive Good Governance

Enabling organisations to achieve good governance by:

  • Supporting and promoting a culture of transparency and accountability.
  • Ensuring best practice in all our operations and our interactions with key stakeholders.

2. Provide Quality Solutions and Services

Helping organisations be the best they can be by:

  • Offering leading edge training initiatives and a wide range of programmes, services and resources.
  • Enabling organisations to solve social issues and maximise their impact.

3. Be a Dynamic Hub

Creating a space for organisations to connect, engage and thrive by:

  • Being a trusted point of contact.
  • Encouraging collaborative innovative approaches.
  • Fostering peer driven networks and successful partnerships.

4. Provide Organisational Capacity

Carmichael’s vision, mission, and strategic objectives will be enabled by:

  • Harnessing energy and commitment of staff, members and supporters.
  • Developing and implementing an integrated marketing, communications and fundraising strategy.
  • Ensuring effective resources and systems are in place.
  • Establishing a Leadership position within our sector.