ADHD and the Workplace

26 October 2021

ADHD Ireland are a Carmichael resident organisation, and once again we are delighted to announce details of an upcoming event for the organisation.

On November 11 at 7pm they will host a vital webinar for the ADHD community titled ADHD and the Workplace.  This talk will look at how those with ADHD ‘navigate the world of work’. This webinar will explore what the law says in relation to your entitlements, the sorts of things you can reasonably expect your employer to do to support you, and how you might practically go about seeking information about this.

This webinar will be taken by keynote speaker Mairead Deevy. Mairead is a barrister at the Law Library. She has a broad, mixed practice including criminal, employment, family and other civil law.

Mairead is currently undertaking further specialist employment law studies at the King’s Inns. Mairéad frequently encounters neurodivergent clients through her legal practice and has a particular interest in championing their rights.

Mairead’s interest is personal; she got a diagnosis of ADHD in her 20’s. She is now training as an ADHD coach, constantly championing the rights of those with the condition. The combination of her two background gives her a unique insight and ability to support neurodivergent individuals to advocate for themselves in the workplace and beyond.

To book a place for this free webinar click here. As mentioned previously, ADHD Ireland a resident Carmichael organisation. ADHD Ireland are a dedicated non-profit in Ireland that look to provide up-to-date information, resources and networking opportunities to individuals with ADHD, parents of children with ADHD and the professionals who serve them.

ADHD Ireland provide a host of services to all those who require them. They include but are not limited to a phone and email helpline, hold support groups for adults or parents/guardians, host social outings, host local and national information events, and so much more.

To become a member of ADHD Ireland you can click here. Finally, if you wish to donate to ADHD Ireland you can click here.