ADHD Ireland Join with UCD and Stanford for Expert-Led Conference

26 November 2020

ADHD Ireland, along with UCD and Stanford Universities, are delighted to announce an online conference on ‘Neurodiversity: A Paradigm Shift in Higher Education and Employment’.

The talks will include world leading speakers and is aimed particularly those in further education or employment, but also those part of the general ADHD community. The conference takes place on 3rd and 4th December, from 9am-7pm.

Day one of the conference will take place on December 3, and will include Prof Simon Baron Cohen, Judy Singer, and Prof Sarah Rankin. The title of the talk is Neurodiversity, and Neurodiversity and Universities. You can register to virtually attend the event here.

Day two of the conference, taking place on December 4, will be titled Learning and Inclusive Environments: Education and the Workplace, Employment and Business. Throughout the talk you will hear from Dr Simon Bury and Prof Susanne Bruyere. You can register for this event by clicking here.

ADHD Ireland are a Carmichael resident organisation, and we are as ever delighted to promote their events throughout our various platforms available. Recently we publicised an expert webinar of theirs, and we hope to promote more events in the future.

You can follow ADHD Ireland on social; their Facebook here, Twitter here, and LinkedIn here. Finally, you can donate directly to their efforts here.