Alan Gardner to Star in ILMI Social Night

4 January 2021

Independent Living Movement Ireland (ILMI) are pleased to kick off the New Year with a social night led by Alan Gardner on January 14. The Carmichael resident organisation are delighted the award winning designer has agreed to be their guest for the night.

Alan Gardner is an award winning garden designer and presenter of two Channel 4 series. On the night Alan will be recounting escapades, challenges and accolades all the while telling it like it really is.

Alan is the design genius and creative powerhouse of 40 Royal Horticultural Society show gardens. He has won numerous awards at Chelsea and Hampton Court not to mention two gold medals at Tatton Park. His work is driven by passion fueled by his love of architecture, conceptual art and the wider landscape around him.

Alan presented The Autistic Gardener on Channel 4, his mentoring and hands on approach led his team of gardening novices to achieve their goals by apprenticing and igniting true design within them. This is Alan’s forte, a designer sensei for the 21st century. Alan also hosted the Channel 4 series The Avant Gardener applying a monumental design discipline to amaze and transform large outdoor spaces across the UK.

ILMI are a group ‘led by disabled people, promoting a rights-based social model of disability, challenging a charity/medical view of disability’. The ILMI state that Independent Living is about ‘having the freedom to have the same choices that everyone else has in housing, transportation, education and employment’.

There are many ways to get involved with the IMNI, and many avenues in which they can help improve the lives of many. The most efficient way to get involved is to sign up to their eBulletin and see how you can become involved, email

To book in for the January 14 event with Alan Gardner simply email to register your interest. For more information on the ILMI check out their website here. Also, you can find their social media accounts easily; Facebook here, and Twitter here.