Brian Ogilvie of Canoeing Ireland Talks The Good Governance Awards

21 June 2021

As part of the promotion of the Governance Awards we asked many past entrants and winners some simple questions: who you are, why you’re interested in entering the awards, what benefits have you seen from entering previously.

We have many videos with the answers to these from organisations. Here, we have more answers, this time in short blog form. Today we will hear from Brian Ogilvie. Brian is the President of Canoeing Ireland.


“Canoeing Ireland is the National Governing Body for paddle sports in Ireland. The organization was formed in 1960 and supports a thriving membership base through the development, promotion and governance of canoeing over a range of disciplines from novice paddler to Olympic athlete. This is achieved through a network of clubs and partners which enables participation while providing pathways to performance.

Canoeing Ireland over the past number of years, has undergone a significant adjustment to stabilise and develop a robust road map for the future. Winning the Carmichael Good Governance Award has been extremely important to us as an organisation; as it recognises this pathway of change. Furthermore, it has acknowledged the work of our Board, staff and members who took on the collective responsibility for driving positive change, through a series of measures designed to increase accountability and transparency.

We would like to thank everyone for their involvement and commitment to making this happen.

Brian Ogilvie, President, Canoeing Ireland”


To find out more from Canoeing Ireland you can check out their site here. Elsewhere, they’re on social media too, see there Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

For more information on the Good Governance Awards the best source is the dedicated website for the awards which can be seen here.