Carmichael Board Effectiveness Review Service

9 December 2021

Carmichael are delighted to present their Board Effectiveness Review Service. Reviewing how the Board of your charity operates and making necessary improvements is an important part of good governance. It is also a requirement of the Charities Governance Code. Carmichael has conducted several reviews this year with great results for client organisations.  Such a review can include an assessment of:

  • the effectiveness, knowledge and experience of the Board as a whole, office holders and individual charity trustees;
  •  adherence to the board code of conduct;
  • the structure, size, membership and terms of reference of any subcommittees
  • training and recruitment plans, and
  • a skills audit of charity trustees.

Boards of non-profit organisations which are not registered charities can also avail of this service.

For more details and a quote on the Carmichael Board Effectiveness Review Service contact