Certified Charity Trustee Programme with TU Dublin

14 March 2023

The Level 6 Certified Charity Trustee Programme aims to provide learners with a broad understanding of the governance framework guiding Organisations and an understanding and appreciation of the organisational behaviours within an organisation. This will allow the learner to be informed and confident in their roles.

This predominantly online 1 year part time programme has been designed in partnership with Carmichael and TU
Dublin. The aim of this programme is to provide participants with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of
their roles and obligations. Since 2021, Charities have been required to report on their compliance with the Charities
Governance Code which is designed to help charity trustees meet their legal duties under the Charities Act 2009. With over 11,000 registered charities in Ireland this programme will assist organisations and their trustees to effectively fulfil their roles within an organisation in line with regulatory framework and to be professionally competent within the team to do so.

Course Content

  • Governance & Legal Compliance Responsibilities: The module focuses on the legal and accounting framework as it applies to organisations. The module will draw on the Law, Accounting and Governance that is required to fulfil their duties and responsibilities effectively in compliance with the regulations.
    • Charities Act
    • Charities Governance Code
    • Trustee Governance
    • Companies Act 2014
    • Financial Governance
    • Risk Management
    • Data Protection
    • Cyber Security
  • Organisational Behaviour & Dynamics: This module focuses on the behaviour of individuals and groups in organisations including not-for-profit organisations. It will provide learners with an understanding and appreciation of this behaviour and an awareness of how it contributes to the success of the organisation. The module will draw on concepts and theories from the field of organisational behaviour, management and the not-for-profit environment to gain further understanding of different organisational behaviours and to improve learners’ self-confidence and potential governance effectiveness. Learners will engage in self-reflection regarding their use of individual and organisational actions.
    • The Nature of Organisational Behaviour
    • Individual Behaviour
    • Motivation
    • Communication & Decision-making in the Workplace
    • Working in Group & Teams
    • Leadership in Organisations
    • Organisational Power and Politics
    • Organisational Conflict
    • Organisational Culture
    • Organisational Change

Application Details

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Please contact school.globalbusiness@TUDublin.ie for further information.

Module Details

TU Code: TU5533
Level: NFQ Level 6
Award: Certificate in Business in Organisational Governance and Behaviour
Duration: 1 Year
Contact: sandra.thompson@tudublin.ie


Method of Delivery: Weekly online lectures, 1 evening per week, with two face to face workshops during each semester. Please see schedule below with further details.

Location: Face to face induction will take place on TU Dublin’s Blanchardstown campus. Location for the capstone workshop will be confirmed with learners during the semester to ensure location is accessible for the majority of learners. Possible locations include TU Dublin’s Aungier campus, Grangegorman Campus and Carmichael House.

Schedule: This programme runs for 2 semesters, one module per semester

Semester 1 will begin on Friday 29th September 2023 with a face to face on campus induction. Induction will take place on the Blanchardstown campus from 3pm to 6pm. This will be followed by 2 hour weekly online lectures from 7pm to 9pm which will begin on Wednesday 4th October.  During week 11 of the semester a face-to-face capstone workshop will be scheduled. Location and time will be confirmed with learners during the semester. Please note the programme coordinator will go through the timetable in detail with all learners during induction on Friday 29th September.

Please see summary timetable here.

Commencement Date: Programme induction will take place on Friday 29th September 2023 from 3pm to 6pm. All registered applicants will be contacted by the Head of Discipline/Programme Coordinator two weeks prior to the commencement date with further details and room location for their face-to-face induction.

Fees: The reduced Student fee of €600 from €1250 is available for this delivery of the programme starting in September 2023.  This reduced fee is now available courtesy to funding available from the Community Foundation Ireland, The Wheel and supported by Carmichael and TU Dublin.

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