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5 Jul 2024

NTF Enhance Coaching Skills for Greater Collaboration – In-person 05/07/2024

This course is fully booked.

Target Audience

Designed for CEOs, Senior Leaders, and Managers in non-profit organizations, especially those in upper and middle management roles. This workshop caters to individuals responsible for leading within the organization and fostering collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.


This comprehensive workshop focuses on reinforcing building greater collaboration among stakeholders within non-profit organizations. Discover the important coaching elements and explore, with your peers, the difference between coaching and mentoring and why a non-directive approach works best.

Discover the roles of coach/mentor and coachee/mentee, accompanied by interactive exercises like choosing an image that symbolizes coaching, creating your own definition of coaching, and developing core coaching skills such as contracting, listening, silence and powerful questioning. Engage in practical triad exercises to apply what you learn. Structure professional coaching sessions, from the first meeting to ongoing sessions, with useful tips for coaches and mentors while diving into practical tools like the Wheel of Life and GROW Model. Elevate your coaching skills! Join the workshop for a hands-on, transformative experience.


In-person, Carmichael Centre, Dublin 7.

The funding for the provision of these services comes from the National Training Fund administered by the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research Innovation and Science. The €10 nominal charge is by way of contribution. Participants will be asked to provide further information regarding Age Range, Gender, Employment Status, Educational Background, Role in Organisation, Organisation Activity & Size post registration.


Siobhán Cahalan

Siobhán Cahalan, founder of Wisdom and Vision Ltd., supports CEOs and senior leaders through executive coaching, coaching supervision and setting up coaching hubs within organisations, with a particular interest in supporting and encouraging best practice governance. Siobhán has over 20 years’ experience in managing global processes and leading global teams in varied business environments in a number of different countries. Siobhán is a mentor on the Carmichael Mentoring Programme, a trainer and group facilitator.


By the workshop’s conclusion, participants will develop skills to:

  • Enable Self-Coaching: Enhance self-awareness and clarity through self-coaching.
  • Empower Communication: Integrate a coaching style into day-to-day communication and leadership, promoting a culture of healthy questioning.
  • Inspire Delegation: Cultivate the art of delegation and transparent succession planning with a non-directive leadership approach.
  • Be Free from Answers: Recognize the power in not having all the answers, allowing space for others to think and find solutions independently.
  • Gain Alternative Board Communication: Gain awareness of an alternative communication approach in board meetings, fostering shared responsibility.
  • Peer Support: Explore topics with your peers and build a supportive network.


€10Nonprofit Organisation
€10Carmichael Resident Organisation
€10Statutory Organisation
€10Corporate Organisation


Good group participation from the beginning which the facilitator focused on.
Group discussions were good and there were some activities which were thought provoking.
Great space to think and talk to other professionals.