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28 Jan 2020

Introduction to Spreadsheets – Microsoft Excel

Target Audience

People with little or no knowledge, or experience of using Microsoft Excel.


Starting with the basics and covering as much material as you are able for, this 1 day course is perfect for those keen to learn how to use spreadsheets efficiently and effectively. You will gain a good knowledge of the tools available for use in Microsoft Excel.


(Lunch of soup and sandwiches will be provided on the day.)


Andrew Madden

Andrew Madden, Training & E-Learning Officer at Carmichael, has extensive experience in designing & delivering customised IT training courses in the main Microsoft Applications to a wide range of clients for many years.


By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Open A New Spreadsheet
  • Add / Rename Worksheets
  • Identify Data Types
  • Enter Data / Text
  • Select Data / Text
  • Format Data / Text
  • Use Basic Formulae
  • Copy Formulae
  • Use Autofill
  • Use Built-In Functions
  • Enter Columns / Rows
  • Delete Columns / Rows
  • Sort Data
  • Use Print Options
  • Use Absolute Cell Reference
  • Protect Cells / Sheets
  • Use the If Function
  • Use Nested Ifs
  • Use SumIF / CountIf


€140Nonprofit Organisation
€120Carmichael Resident Organisation
€160Statutory/Corporate Organisation


“Good pace, content all relevant.”
“Excel was entirely new for me so Andrew got me up to speed very quickly and feel confident after the lessons/handouts.”
"The whole course was very helpful. The handouts were very useful, formulas are a great help.”
“Very practical – helpful in work.”
“Very well planned and prepared.”

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