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19 Jul 2024

NTF Succession Planning – Online 19/07/2024

This course is fully booked.

Target Audience

Board members and senior managers: people with responsibility for human resources, strategy and organisational risk.


Topics Covered:

  • Rationale for Succession planning.
  • Succession planning and organisational risk.
  • Characteristics of effective Succession Planning.
  • Identification of Succession Plan targets
  • Network Analysis
  • Approaches to Succession Planning.
  • Sustainable Succession Planning

Duration 2.5 hours.


Via Zoom.

The funding for the provision of these services comes from the National Training Fund administered by the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research Innovation and Science. The €10 nominal charge is by way of contribution. Participants will be asked to provide further information regarding Age Range, Gender, Employment Status, Educational Background, Role in Organisation, Organisation Activity & Size post registration.


Dan Hamilton

Dan Hamilton is an Organisational Psychologist and a specialist in the field of organisational change and analysis. He has extensive experience in conflict resolution, workplace investigation and change management. Dan has worked with public and private sector clients supporting the development of effective teams at every level of an organisation from frontline staff to executive and board level. Dan has extensive knowledge of the NGO sector having held management positions, board directorships and acted as an advisor for boards and CEO's. With a background in business and information technology, Dan has also worked with organisations to achieve re-structures, perform organisational analysis and increase measures of performance.

Skills: Organisational Analysis, Strategy, Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Succession Planning, Policy design.

Qualifications: BSc Business & Information Technology, Hdip Psychology, MSc Organisational Psychology


€10Nonprofit Organisation
€10Carmichael Resident Organisation
€10Statutory Organisation
€10Corporate Organisation