Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland Celebrate 25th Year With Awareness Week

19 November 2021

Carmichael are delighted to shine a light on Dyspraxia DCD Ireland, who are celebrating their 25th anniversary. The Carmichael resident organisation have launched their new Strategic Plan, which looks to celebrate the past while embracing the future.


Event 1 – Nov 22

On Monday 22nd November they will be hosting a webinar with Dr Dorothy Armstrong who many will be familiar with through the wonderful work she has undertaken with Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland over the years.

Dorothy will reflect on her experience of working with the Dyspraxic community and will discuss the shifts and changes in understanding of dyspraxia/DCD that have arisen more broadly during this time. Attendees will have the opportunity to join in the discussion on the evening.

Dorothy is an Occupational Therapist who works with children, teenagers and young adults. She received her PhD in 2017, and also holds an Honour’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. Furthermore, Dorothy wrote the book ‘The Next Adventure – transitioning from Primary to Secondary School’ with all proceeds from sales going directly to Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland.

Dorothy has also made radio appearances concerning issues relating to children with differing needs and is a regular presenter of workshops on neurodiversity. To book you free ticket click here.


Event 2 – Nov 23

On Tuesday 23rd November they will be introducing you to some of their members who are the backbone of their organisation. Their members vary; some are supporters, other advocates, lobbyists, fundraisers and so much more.

Being a member of Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland opens up a whole new community for people with Dyspraxia and their families and year on year we see increased number of people becoming members.


Event 3 – Nov 23

On Wednesday 23rd November they will have their second webinar of the week where you will get a chance to meet some of their staff. CEO Sharon Lane and their Occupational Therapist Coordinator Stephen Hodnett will reflect on how services have changed over time, particularly with the impact COVID 19 and advances in technology.

Change brings both challenges and opportunities and we invite you to join us in this chat about Dyspraxia/DCD Irelands opportunities for the future. To book you free ticket click here.


Event 4 – Nov 24

On Thursday 24th November the Dyspraxia Awareness week continues as they will once again use social media to highlight some of their wonderful fundraisers over the years. People who have gone beyond to run an event, bring others on board and raise important funds for our organisation. What drives them? Who benefits?


Event 5 – Nov 25

On Friday 25th November they will be launching their Christmas Card and Christmas Gift sales. The Christmas Cards are always a very popular seller and this year they gone one step further and teamed up with Jiminy Eco Toys who are donating 10% of all sales made through our link on their site. Keep an eye on our website for the code launch and spotlight on some of the amazing range of eco-friendly toys, books, art and craft materials and so much more will be on their social media pages and website so come and check it out!

Check in on their social media pages to meet some of their members; Facebook ,Twitter, Instagram. Finally, their website can be seen here.