Emotional Regulation and Healthy Boundaries

10 March 2022

ADHD Ireland are delighted to promote their upcoming webinar titled ‘Emotional Regulation and Healthy Boundaries’. The webinar will take place on March 23, and will be presented by professional Play Therapist Aisling Murray.

This webinar is aimed towards parents and children up to age 8. As stated, the webinar will be presented by Aisling Murray, an Accredited Play Therapist based in Portlaoise. Aisling, the founder of Laois Play Therapy, has been working with children for over 16 years and in Play Therapy for over 6 years.

Furthermore, she is currently working with children with a wide range of issues including social anxieties, social difficulties, behavioral issues, trauma, loss, ASD, ADHD and other individual needs.

On Aisling’s website we learn more about her methods. It states Play Therapy is a type of therapy primarily used on children under the age of 12. A trained play therapist can use play to observe and gain insights into a child’s problems, emotions, or unresolved trauma. Using play therapy has been proven to help children develop coping skills and learn how to redirect inappropriate behaviour.

In play therapy the therapist will facilitate the child in their play, bringing themselves to the child’s level and building trust between them. The therapist will observe the child’s behaviour and how they interact with the toys. As trust develops children become more willing to share their thoughts and feelings with the therapist.

ADHD Ireland a resident Carmichael organisation. ADHD Ireland are a dedicated non-profit in Ireland that look to provide up-to-date information, resources and networking opportunities to individuals with ADHD, parents of children with ADHD and the professionals who serve them.

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