‘Family Matters’ Reveals the Impact of Huntington’s Disease

5 May 2021

May is Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month. Huntington’s disease is a rare and hereditary disorder of the brain which causes people to deteriorate physically, cognitively and mentally – yet there is little awareness of the condition and its impact on families.

This year all four voluntary organisations that support people impacted by Huntington’s disease across Ireland and the UK are working together to raise awareness of the impact of Huntington’s disease, not just on individuals but on families, over generations.  Family members from each region are sharing their stories and contributions in a collective ‘Family Matterscampaign throughout the month of May.

The Huntington’s community is delighted to have the support of George Rainsford and Sarah Winckless MBE for the Family Matters campaign. George is an actor who plays Dr Ethan Hardy on Casualty, and who is involved in a storyline about Huntington’s at the moment. Sarah is an Olympic medallist and double world champion rower from the UK.

As a Resident Carmichael organisation, Huntington’s Disease Association of Ireland is very grateful for the contributions received to date,  and for the messages of support from the wider community including one from the Carmichael Centre for Voluntary Groups. You can find out more about the Family Matters campaign at https://familymatters.com

You can keep up to date with all of their news from their website , and their social media channels including: Twitter , Facebook , and Instagram.