Huntington ’s Disease Association Delighted With New Film

1 December 2020

The Huntington’s Disease Association of Ireland (HDAI) are proud to tell the world of a new film available for free on Youtube about the condition. The Carmichael resident organisation provide a range of services and supports, with the movie doing an immense job of shedding light on the condition.

The New Film

Dancing At The Vatican, the powerful documentary about Huntington’s disease produced and directed by Irish filmmakers, will be available on YouTube from December 1st.

Authored by Emmy award winning war reporter Charles Sabine the film follows a brave few South American families who, despite the poverty and isolation of their lives, journey to Rome.

Supported by clinicians, scientists and other HD families from around the world, they call for an end to the fear and stigma surrounding Huntington’s disease. The film comes at a time when the need for HD families to participate in research has never been more important.

“This is a beautifully made, powerful and very emotional film. Please, please watch it.” Professor Niall Pender, Dept. of Psychology, Beaumont Hospital Dublin.

Dublin Screening 

The Huntington’s Disease Association of Ireland was honoured to participate in the Vatican event which became the biggest global gathering of the Huntington’s Disease community ever. HDAI supported a Dublin screening of Dancing at the Vatican at the Lighthouse cinema in May 2019. Please click here  to subscribe and share the film.

Huntington’s disease (HD) is a neurological illness caused by an expanded gene in your DNA. The faulty HD gene causes cells in parts of your brain to gradually malfunction and die. As brain cells die, you will experience changes with your movement, thinking and emotions.

What They Do and How You Can Help

The Huntington’s Disease Assocation centre their work on a range of supports, services, and research. Their website is full of information for those in need of information about the condition, and what supports the healthcare system can offer. Advocacy and awareness is another key tenet of their work, as is often the case with lesser known conditions.

You can donate directly toward their efforts here.

You can follow them on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

View the movie below, or on the movie’s official Youtube page.