ILMI Ready for Swathe of Key Webinars

22 October 2021

Independent Living Movement Ireland (ILMI) are a resident Carmichael organisation, and they have a host of fantastic upcoming events which we wish to promote.

Their events on the way range from a life coaching session for people that identify as a disabled person on October 26, an ILMI working group on deinstitutionalisation on October 29, and another vital ILMI zoom discussion titled Realising Article 29: Disabled Politicians and the Political System, to be held on November 11.

Rocket Girl Coaching Session

On October 26 starting at 1pm Mary Doyle from Rocket Girl Coaching will host a life skills webinar which will look to identify goals and how to achieve them in the context of being disabled. Mary is a personal and executive coach, STEM and accessible aviation advocate, and the founder and owner of Rocket Girl Coaching.

Mary will hope to help attendants make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment, clarify goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle. Mary will help you find these answers within everyone while recognising the social model of disability. To register for this free event email

Discussing Deinstitutionalisation

On October 28 there will be a discussion held on deinstitutionalisation, held over zoom from 2-3pm.  Deinstitutionalisation and the right to live in the community is a core objective of ILMI to realise the rights of disabled people to choose where and who they live with and to have the appropriate supports to be in control of their lives.

ILMI is calling disabled people to join a working group to develop our thinking on how best to inform practice and policy to ensure the State moves to compliance under Article 19 of the UNCRPD.

ILMI has a representative on the HSE Expert Advisory Group being established to support the HSE Under 65’s in Nursing Homes project, which is funded through the Service Reform Fund. Once again, to register simply email

Disabled Politicians and the Political System

On November 11 from 3-4pm there will be another webinar discussion, this one is titled Realising Article 29: Disabled Politicians and the Political System, which essentially will be an ILMI Discussion on making politics more inclusive.

This discussion will ask a series of question which all basically ask examine why there are there so few disabled politicians. What are the barriers that prevent disabled people from participating in political parties or seeking nominations to seek election?

What could be done to bring about change so that disabled people are selected to run as candidates for political parties, elected and take on key political roles?

ILMI would like to bring together disabled activists to create a space to explore, discuss and develop a position paper to bring models of change to political parties in Ireland to realise Article 29 of the UNCRPD. As you can imagine, in order to book your place just email

Contact Details

ILMI are a resident Carmichael organisation. You can check out their website here. They’re on social media too, find their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.