Increasing Board Effectiveness Webinar

14 March 2023

Webinar March 29th 2.30pm

Join Carmichael CEO Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí, Patrick Downes and Edward Rees to hear best practices on how your governing board can increase its effectiveness.

Board effectiveness holds many definitions depending on the industry, mission, organisation size, local legislature, challenges and tasks at hand, and more. However, there are some common factors all governing boards must adhere to to be successfully effective.

Register for Board Effect‘s 30-minute panel discussion webinar to get the latest insights on how to increase board effectiveness in mission driven organisations. Industry experts will discuss, provide tips, and share best practices on:

  • Defining board effectiveness
  • Board member recruitment, onboarding, and annual reviews
  • Information sharing structure and processes
  • Board member communications, engagement, and more!

Governing boards are expected to be more engaged, more knowledgeable and more effective than ever. The good news? There are ways to achieve this by implementing the right tools and best practices.

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