International Men’s Health Week is Underway

13 June 2022

International Men’s Health Week is Here 

International Men’s Health Week (June 13 – 19) is upon us and Carmichael resident member Men’s Health Forum Ireland are celebrating IMHW with a number of unique initiatives and events.

The week-long event is celebrated in countries across the world, such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada and more. The premise of International Men’s Health Week is to:

  • Heighten awareness of preventable health problems for males of all ages.
  • Support men and boys to engage in healthier lifestyle choices / activities.
  • Encourage the early detection and treatment of health difficulties in males.

However, the need for this awareness week might not be as clear to some, but according to Men’s Health Forum Ireland, the need is clear.

Why the Need for an International Men’s Health Week?

Colin Fowler of MHFI states:

  • Local men die younger than women do.
  • Males have higher death rates than females for almost all of the leading causes of death and at all ages.
  • Men’s poorer lifestyles are responsible for a high proportion of chronic diseases.
  • Late presentation to health services can lead to a large number of problems becoming untreatable.

Realistic Goals

During 2022, the theme for the awareness week in Ireland is ‘MISSION: isPOSSIBLE’ and the call to men (and those who support the health of men) is: ‘The Action Starts with You’. The idea here is, clearly, to set realistic goals in order to improve one’s own physical and mental health. Every small step indeed does make a tangible difference.

Dr Noel Richardson, Director of the National Centre for Men’s Health in South East Technological University, reflects: “However, this is not a ‘lost cause’, and this situation can be improved in many significant ways. For me, the key message for Men’s Health Week is that small things can really make a difference – whether it’s going for a walk, taking time out, re-connecting with a friend. It’s about doing something positive for yourself and building momentum towards positive change, one step at a time.”

The press release for the event explains:

“Men’s Health Week this year takes place in the context of an easing of the constraints introduced to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Worldwide, this virus had a major impact upon men’s health, as well as their wider lives.

It placed a myriad of restrictions upon everyone. However, Men’s Health Week 2022 seeks to reverse this trend, and focuses upon what we can do to take back control of our own health. All too often we set ourselves unrealistic targets. Therefore, this year, everyone is asked to focus upon small, simple and practical things to improve their health”.

Focus of Attention

Paul Ferris, Men’s Health Week 2022 Ambassador, ex-professional footballer with Newcastle United, and award winning author, comments:

“From my personal experience of living with health and wellbeing issues, I appreciate that men and boys need both opportunities to improve their health, as well as support to do so. Men’s Health Week offers an ideal time to focus our attention upon the needs of males, and to make a positive and meaningful difference to their lives”.

The Men’s Health Forum in Ireland ( is a charity which works on an all-island basis to improve the health of men and boys. It is a voluntary network of individuals and organisations, men and women, which seeks to identify the key concerns relating to male health and to increase understanding of these issues.

Final Details

Financial support for the week was received from Health Service Executive Health and Wellbeing, Healthy Ireland within the Department of Health, and the Public Health Agency. To find out more about the work of Men’s Health Forum Ireland visit their site here.