Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation on the Good Governance Awards

22 June 2021

Winning in the Good Governance Awards Helped Highlight Digital Innovation for the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic

As we continue the promotion of the Good Governance Awards, Carmichael will post more testimonials from past winners. We want to illustrate the benefits to not only winning, but being involved in the overall process itself.

Here, we have more answers, this time in short blog form. Today we will hear from Maeve Biggs. Maeve is the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation.


“The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation funds and delivers specialist home nursing care to 374 children across Ireland. We see children with complex medical and life-threatening conditions, up to the age of six, whose neurodevelopmental issues may include brain injury, genetic diagnosis and severe cerebral palsy.

We fund up to 80 home nursing hours per month through a ‘gift of time’ that allows carers a full night’s sleep, time to go shopping, a break to meet a friend or to take the other children out. Our entry was an opportunity to demonstrate our Covid Response Plan and to acknowledge everyone’s hard work.

We were delighted to win the Carmichael Good Governance Award which highlighted our innovation toward the digital sphere. We measure our success not by solely our finances, but how our services remained steadfast through such digital innovation. bonus is our new capability in consumer engagement models and fresh e-commerce revenue models for 2021.”


To find out more from The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation you can check out their site here. Elsewhere, they’re on social media too, see there FacebookTwitterYoutube, LinkedIn and Instagram.

For more information on the Good Governance Awards the best source is the dedicated website for the awards which can be seen here.