Mental Health Reform Part of First Fortnight Festival

7 January 2021

Mental Health Reform are delighted to host two events as part of the First Fortnight Festival 2021 on January 13 and 14.

There will be one event called ‘Conversation Café’ focusing on conversations with young people on mental health, and another called ‘Dear Diary’, which is an invitation for members of the public to tell their own mental health stories in a short stories.

The First Fortnight Festival is a programme of events set up by First Fortnight which focuses on thought-provoking conversations regarding positive mental health reform and attitude within society. Mental Health Reform are one of the organisations working with First Fortnight to create the catalogue of events which make up the two day festival.

The Conversation Café will look to create conversations among groups of young people about mental health in the strange world of 2021. Focusing primarily with people from Tipperary, Clare and Limerick, this event ‘will explore some of the challenges young people face in maintaining good mental health and will create a space for people to come together to look towards better mental health services and supports.’

Dear Diary hopes to engage the public in a sphere where the very personal meets the very public. Mental Health Reform are looking for the public to send in short stories (aprrox 300 words) with their own mental health stories. Certain themes emerging from these stories will be on display and then discussed by a panel on the day.

Mental Health Reform are a Carmichael resident organisation, and one Ireland’s leading national coalition on mental health. With over 70 member organisations, they work together to drive progressive reform of mental health services and supports in Ireland.

You can keep up to date all news from Mental Health Reform by bookmarking their fantastic website, and also by following their social media accounts; their Facebook here, and their Twitter here to list but a few.