New Directory of Irish Nonprofits

18 May 2023

A new Directory of Irish Nonprofits will be launched on Friday the 26th of May. The Directory has been created to promote the transparency and digital accessibility of Ireland’s 20,000-strong nonprofit sector.

The Directory is a joint initiative of leading Irish philanthropies and nonprofits and was built in the first quarter of 2023, using data from eight separate public regulatory sources. It is the only classified listing of all registered nonprofits in Ireland, and it will be accessible online from 26th May. The Directory is accompanied by a report analysing headline changes in the sector in 2022 compared to the previous year.

Funding to establish the Directory of Irish Nonprofits in 2023 has been provided by the Community Foundation for Ireland, the Ireland Funds, the OKC Philanthropy Fund and St. Stephen’s Green Trust and it is built using legacy IP from Benefacts Legacy DAC.

Carmichael and Enclude are working with Benefacts Legacy DAC during 2023 to explore how they can maintain the Directory in the future.

The launch event took place online at 11am on Friday 26th May.

Watch the recording here.