Preparatory Workshops for the Social Inclusion Forum

17 May 2022

EAPN Ireland and Community Work Ireland are hosting preparatory workshops in advance of the Social Inclusion Forum at the end of June.

EAPN Ireland are a Carmichael resident member, and their workshops will take place starting on May 31st running until June 10th, with options to attend workshops online or in person in Dublin or Galway.

These workshops will provide people with an overview of the Roadmap for Social Inclusion and the workshop themes, and provide the opportunity for civil society, communities and stakeholders to discuss the issues.

Feedback from the workshops will be presented to the opening Plenary of SIF 2022. The Social Inclusion Forum is taking place on June 22nd in the Bracken Hotel Balbriggan.

The Social Inclusion Forum (SIF) is one of the structures that supports the development and implementation of policy to address poverty and social exclusion as outlined in the current strategy, Roadmap for Social Inclusion 2020-2025.

The theme of SIF 2022 is Maintaining Momentum: Implementing the Roadmap for Social Inclusion SIF 2022 will be held on June 22nd in the Bracken Court Hotel, Balbriggan.

This will provide an important opportunity to engage with the midterm review of the Roadmap, as well as engaging with a number of the issues relevant to those experiencing poverty and their representative organisations.

SIF 2022 will focus on the Core essentials – the Cost of Living and Income Adequacy, Supporting Communities, Social Inclusion and Children Social Inclusion and People with Disabilities  Social Inclusion and Children Social Inclusion and People with Disabilities.

EAPN Ireland and the CWI would like to encourage the participation of people with direct experience of issues that emerge from the regional workshops at the Social Inclusion Forum in Dublin.

A small budget is available to support the participation costs (travel and childcare) of a number of people from the preparatory workshops from unfunded or under-funded groups and unwaged individuals to attend the SIF. There will be further information on this at the workshops.

Established in 1990, the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN) Ireland is a network of groups and individuals working against poverty. It is the Irish national network of the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN Europe), which has two decades of experience in lobbying for progressive social change and anti-poverty initiatives across Ireland and Europe.

EAPN Ireland a Carmichael resident member. To find out more about their organisation visit their website here. They’re on social media too; see their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.