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Presentation from Governance Masterclass – Option 2D: Effective Minutes for Effective Governance delivered by Derek O’Reilly.

Masterclass2D_D. OReilly_Effective Mins

Presentation and notes from Governance Masterclass – Option 1D: Communicating your Message delivered by Padraig McKeon.

Masterclass 1D_P. McKeon_Communicating your message


This simple infographic gives practical information on what to include in an Annual Report. For more detailed information, including annual reporting templates, see:

Research (Velthuis, 2011) has shown that social impact measurement in the Republic of Ireland is significantly underdeveloped. This is not to say that it is not happening at all, because there are some excellent examples. Nor is it to suggest that there is no appetite for it, because there clearly is, as shown by numerous conferences, courses and publications on the topic. It is simply that times are very challenging, most people are extremely busy and many of them do not know how to start measuring and demonstrating their outcomes, even if they might want to.

Make sure you know who your members are

If your charity is a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG), a lack of clarity about who precisely are your members can lead to unintentional breaches of company law and/or your Constitution. It also can create confusion as to who are entitled to vote at general meetings and who should receive company information.

Members of the company are those persons or entities which hold an interest in the company (in companies with share capital, e.g. limited or PLC companies; they would be shareholders). It is possible that your members are the same as your directors. When a director is replaced their membership interest should be passed to the new director.