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This unforeseen rapid pace of change requires a rapid and agile response. Charities will need to plan on how best to prepare and deal with this unprecedented crisis. The implications of difficult times, like COVID-19, will create a financial crunch and charities should now do what they can to prepare for this.

The activities and actions listed below, are a few things you may want to consider.

A good fundraising plan allows you to reasonably project the income your organisation will generate and can be used as an ongoing guide and measure.

When creating your fundraising plan it is important to calculate a tangible income figure that your organisation needs to operate – your goal. It is not realistic or productive to simply aim for “as much as possible” – instead you should have monthly and annual figures to work towards. This will allow you to work backwards and can help to quantify how much you are aiming to generate from the various sources you intend to work with.

In fundraising it is also important to spread the risk – by relying too heavily on one source of income you will leave your organisation too vulnerable to any potential changes that might be out of your control.