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Making A Merger Happen – The core components and key steps in a merger process

This article is a follow on article to the article that discussed the need to do a rigorous evaluation of the merger prospect before engaging in a formal process. In this article, we discuss the core elements and steps to be taken when you are engaged in a formal merger process.

The management of management and the development and adherence to good governance principles is a collective responsibility of the Board, the CEO and the Management team.

The position of a CEO (or Director, Manager, Co-ordinator or any other job title that may be given to the senior member of staff) in the community and voluntary sector can certainly be a tough one and a lonely one at times. There can be no doubt that the role of a CEO in any sector is a highly pressurised one.

In the community and voluntary sector there are some unique problems: the complex needs of clients or members, accountability to a plethora of stakeholders, hard to measure results, attracting and retaining skilled staff particularly when salaries aren’t high and of course, funding, funding, funding.

Performance Appraisal – What is it?

Performance appraisal (also called performance evaluation or performance review) is a structured, periodic, reflective discussion between an individual employee and his or her line manager, concerning the employee’s actual work performance, behaviours and future developmental needs in relation to agreed goals and behavioural standards.

When there is a clear link between what an organisation is striving to achieve and what each individual is expected to deliver it makes it easier for employees to feel connected to the organisation and motivated by their work.