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Setting up a non-profit of any sort (community, voluntary, charity) can be an exciting project. People who are inspired to make a difference, to address unmet needs or to make a change in the way things work can achieve great things. It is almost impossible to make significant progress without involving others and organising the work that needs to be done. Sooner or later it becomes necessary to set up an organisation to progress ideas and take action – having the vision is only one step on the journey. If you want to create an organisation that will capture your vision and turn it into a reality a number of practical steps will have to be taken.

Do you really know how to prioritize?

In my experience, most of us are somewhere between okay and pretty awful when it comes to really understanding how to prioritize.

It tends to be a mixture of crisis management and those things that fall into the category of “things I like to do”!! Not great criteria!

So, what lessons on how to prioritize can we learn from the top performing CEOs that I have worked with?