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Episode 34: Anti-Money Laundering with Marian Barnard

Marian Barnard joins our CEO, Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí, in a discussion on all things Anti Money Laundering and how it can play its role in the non profit sector.

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Episode 33: How to Get the Best from PowerPoint Presentations

In conversation with our CEO, Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí, Fiona Walsh shares how to make your PowerPoint slides more engaging, allowing you to get more from your presentation. Listen here.

Episode 32: What Makes a Good Board Meeting 

Whether it is a new board, or a board that is up and running, or where there are issues running through a board, Gerry Egan talks here with our CEO Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí about how you can get the most out of a board meeting.

Episode 31: 2022 Good Governance Awards – Part Two, Announcing the Winners

It was a great evening and well done to all the winners in their various categories. Have a listen here to the announcement of the winners.

Episode 30: 2022 Good Governance Awards – Part One, Opening Speeches

Have a listen to here to the opening speeches of our very successful 2022 Good Governance Awards Ceremony.

Episode 29: Boards behaving Badly and Domineering CEOs

Fortunately, most boards and CEOs in the charity sector have positive working relationships. However, when things go wrong, they can go badly wrong. In this podcast, we explore what to do when they do and how to prevent them from going wrong.

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Episode 28: Thrive in the future of work: A conversation with author, Kevin Empey

In this podcast we speak to organisational change specialist and author Kevin Empey about the key trends in the world of work, the key challenges for the individual and for the organisation and what should individuals and organisations be doing to be ready and to adapt to these challenges.

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Episode 27: Evaluating the Effectiveness of your Board

In this podcast Andrew Madden (Learning & Development Manager at Carmichael) and Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí (CEO of Carmichael) look at Board evaluations, why they are important for good governance, board effectiveness and succession planning, the different types of evaluations and how to conduct them.

Episode 26: The Role of Company Secretary 

Colm Hanley explains the key roles and responsibilities of the company secretary and explores the growing importance of the company secretary in ensuring that organisation’s compliance with the governance code and regulatory requirements.

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Episode 25: Governing with Purpose

In our latest podcast episode, Carmichael CEO, Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí, interviews Brian Cavanagh, a business coach and governance specialist, who will have his book “Governing with Purpose” published in September.

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Episode 24: Cyber Security with Liam Lynch 

Cyber security is a growing risk for all organisations which can have devastating consequences. In our latest Carmichael podcast, we talk to cyber security expert Liam Lynch about what board members and managers of nonprofits should be doing to manage this risk.

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Episode 23: Financial Oversight Responsibility for Boards Members

In our latest podcast episode, Carmichael CEO, Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí discusses with charity finance expert, Andrea Shupinski the important responsibility for board member in providing financial oversight and what that entails.

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Episode 22: Ready and Able Post-Covid

In the latest Carmichael podcast we speak with Liam Scollan about community and voluntary organisations being “Ready and Able” for the emerging post Covid pandemic environment responding to the challenges, opportunities and innovations they are encountering.

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Episode 21: When a Charity Inspector Calls

In this podcast, Carmichael’s Training Manager, Derek O’Reilly, interviews Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí, CEO, about the findings and the wider sector implications of the Charity Inspector’s Report into Child Fund Ireland.

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Episode 20: Chris Gordon Talks On the Evolving Landscape for Social Enterprises

Carmichael CEO, Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí, talks with Chris Gordon, CEO of the Irish Social Enterprise Network, on the evolving landscape for social enterprises, opportunities and challenges.

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Episode 19: Board recruitment is an ongoing requirement even during a pandemic

We talk to Eva Gurn, CEO of Boardmatch Ireland, and the valuable role they play in matching those volunteering for board roles and non-profits looking to recruit board members.

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Episode 18: Three more charities rising to the Covid-19 challenge to continue delivering their supports and services

Diarmaid in conversation with three more charities based at the Carmichael Centre, about their challenges during the Covid-19 crisis. Firstly we hear from Heart Children Ireland, then The Prader Willi Syndrome Association and finally Dyspraxia DCD Ireland.

Have a listen here.

Episode 17: Creativity, Culture, Collaboration and Courage by CRC staff in response to Covid-19

Diarmaid talks with Stephanie Manahan, CEO of The Central Remedial Clinic, CRC.

Have a listen here.

Episode 16: Coping with Covid-19 – The challenge for small charities as they provide much needed services

In episode 16, we speak with 3 small charities, Look Good Feel Better, FirstLight and Huntington’s Disease Association of Ireland about their Covid-19 challenges and how they are responding to maintain services to their clients.

Listen here.

Episode 15: Michael Wickham Moriarty gives insights to Trócaire’s award winning governance culture

In conversation with Michael Wickham Moriarty, the head of Corporate Services at Trócaire. Michael gives us an insight into Trócaire’s award winning governance culture and talks about how Trócaire is coping with Covid-19. Have a listen here.

Episode 14: Leveraging Technology for Social Good

Diarmaid’s guest is Eamon Stack, the outgoing CEO of Enclude. They discuss how best to use technology for social good. Have a listen here.

Episode 13: Creating an Ethical Culture in Organisations

In episode 13, Niall Fitzgerald, Head of Ethics and Governance at Chartered Accountants Ireland joins Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí, CEO of Carmichael Ireland to discuss how to create an ethical culture in organisations. Have a listen here.

Episode 12: What Makes a Good Annual Report Great

Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí, Carmichael CEO in conversation with Aedín Morkan, partner with Mazars’ Audit Assurance Group about making a good Annual Report even better. Listen here.

Episode 11: Developments, Opportunities and Challenges for charities

Talk with Liz Hughes CEO of Cii on ‘Developments, opportunities and challenges for charities’. Have a listen here.

Episode 10: “G.D.P.R., it hasn’t gone away”

In episode 10, we talked with Gerry Egan on “G.D.P.R., it hasn’t gone away you know”. Have a listen here.

Episode 9: “What’s Happening with Volunteering in Ireland?”

Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí, Carmichael CEO talks with Nina Arwitz CEO of Volunteer Ireland on “What’s happening with volunteering in Ireland?”. Episode 9 is available here.

Episode 8: Talk with Deirdre Garvey, CEO of The Wheel about her work and the challenges which face the Charity and Voluntary Sector

Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí, Carmichael CEO talks with Deirdre Garvey, CEO of The Wheel about her work and the challenges which face the Charity and Voluntary Sector as Election 2020 draws nearer. Episode 8 is available here.

Episode 7: 2019 Good Governance Awards The Winners

Recording of the Winners of the 2019 Good Governance Awards here.

Episode 6: 2019 Good Governance Awards Keynote Speech

Louise Thomson’s 2019 Good Governance Awards keynote speech is available here.

Episode 5: Board ethics and behaviour

In episode 5, Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí, Carmichael CEO, interviews Louise Thomson, Head of Policy for ICSA: The Governance Institute about Board ethics and behaviour. Listen to the full podcast here.

Episode 4: When Things Go Wrong in Charities

We really enjoyed talking to Jillian van Turnhout in our latest Carmichael podcast on the topic of ‘When Things go wrong in Charities’. This episode follows on from previous topics which looked at the Annual Report, the Charities Governance Code and Risk Management. Here’s link to this episode.

Episode 3: Risk and Risk Management

CEO, Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí and Training Officer, Andrew Madden discuss risk and risk management for non-profit organisations. Listen here.

Episode 2: The Charities Governance Code

Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí, CEO, and Derek O’Reilly Training Manager, Carmichael, in conversation about the Charities Governance Code. This conversation provides practical insights into the Code and how to go about the compliance process. It touches on the challenges and pitfalls, as well as resources, supports and key dates to ensure full compliance by 2021. See full details of the Code by listening here.

Episode 1: Why is using your annual report to tell your story important for nonprofits?

Derek O’Reilly, Training Manager and Diarmaid Ó Corrbuí, CEO of Carmichael, in conversation about annual reports for nonprofits. This conversation provides practical insights in what to consider when writing an annual report, including: your organisation’s purpose; strategy; risk management; financial management and outcomes. It also touches on the Good Governance Awards, and the opportunity they provide to access resources and high quality feedback on your annual reports. See full details on Click here to listen.