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10 Key Questions to ask before agreeing to become a Charity Trustee

Putting yourself forward for consideration or responding positively to an invitation to become a trustee of a charity is a very important and needed act of civic responsibility. The thousands of charities play a critical part in society's response to a wide range of human needs.

Many are small groups surviving on very limited resources, but are tackling large problems. Through the passion, commitment and activities of these groups, a wide range of needed services and supports are delivered in areas such as health, social services, education, emergency relief, sports and culture. There are tens of thousands of people engaged daily in providing these services.

They are creating an untold quantum of public good - enhancing culture, health, recreation, social justice, and civil and human rights. They are performing roles and making contributions that for many are not recognised or properly valued. However, to run effectively and properly, they need 1,000s of people to step-up and become volunteer board members.

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10 Questions to Ask Before Agreeing to Become a Charity Trustee