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Check-List for Appointing New Directors/Trustees

Having a new member join your nonprofit Board can be an exciting time as they may bring a new perspective or skillset. However, for the person in charge of making sure that this new Board member receives all the relevant documents, completes the right forms, meets the key people and then has to record this process, it can be an overwhelming task. This template is designed to guide you through this process. The first tab is a check-list of the main tasks commonly needed to get a new Board member set up and the second tab can be used as your Register of Directors and Secretaries. It will also help you to gather all the information you will need to register the new Board member with the Charities Regulator, Companies Registry Office and Register of Beneficial Owners. This template is designed for nonprofits which are Companies Limited by Guarantee, and will need to be adapted to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

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New Board Member Check-list