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Consultation Report on the Support Needs of the Non-Profit Sector

Carmichael and The Wheel carried out this wide-ranging consultation with the community and voluntary sector across Ireland to establish what training and support is needed by organisations of different sizes and in different locations, what types of supports are currently being accessed and how they could best be organised and developed to enable these organisations to meet the challenges they face. As two of the largest providers of training and supports to the sector we decided to work in partnership to undertake this important consultation.

This report contains the results of extensive qualitative research carried out with organisations representing the full diversity of our sector as well as policymakers, regulators and funders. We hope that the information in the report will assist not just Carmichael and The Wheel, but all infrastructure organisations in designing the supports and training that they will offer in the future.

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Consultation Report Nonprofit Sector Final V1.75 23 March