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Improving Charity Boardroom Behaviours: Behaviours of an Effective Charity Trustee

In April 2021, the Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland published a guidance note on ‘Improving Charity Boardroom Behaviours’.

Introducing the guidance Louise Thomson, Head of Policy (Not for Profit) at The Chartered Governance Institute said:
“Good governance is about more than just having the right policies, procedures and protocols in place. If the people responsible for leading the charity are ignorant of them, or unable or unwilling to adhere to them, governance falls down. This is why boardroom behaviours and the ethical practices, values and culture of the charity are of equal importance. This guidance provides examples of positive behaviours that should help trustees to make constructive challenge and good decisions that further the charitable objects and lead to positive changes.”

Using this guidance as a reference, Carmichael have summarised a shorter guidance note on ‘Behaviours of an Effective Charity Trustee’.

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Behaviours of an Effective Trustee