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Improving Your Annual Report

The fifth annual Good Governance Awards concluded on 19 November 2020 with the announcement of the winners of the annual report awards across six categories. One of the main aims of the Governance Awards is to improve the overall standard annual reporting in the charity and non-profit sector and to provide specific feedback to all entrants alongside guidance on how to improve their annual reports, including their financial statements and disclosures.

Each of the annual reports goes through a very rigorous assessment but underpinning the many assessments and checklists there are some key elements or features which are essential in the eyes of the assessors and judges.

In the spirit of improving standards, we have compiled a summary of the top ten judges’ recommendations arising from their assessment of this year’s shortlisted annual reports. We have also included the top ten comments from our assessors in relation to annual reports that were not shortlisted.

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Improving Your Annual Report