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Top Recommendations for Annual Report and Good Governance Awards 2023

The annual report represents a real opportunity for organisations in the charity and non-profit sector to showcase their transparency and trust by disclosing their strategic performance, governance practices, culture and financial results. A good annual report does more than meet minimum reporting requirements. It can provide a comprehensive picture of an organisation, including its achievements and future plans. It serves to reinforce relationships with stakeholders and build further relationships with the public, potential donors, volunteers and supporters.

Each of the annual reports entered into the awards undergoes a rigorous assessment process, including a technical compliance review, an assessment of governance practice disclosures and, for those short-listed, a three-stage independent judge review.

In the spirit of improving standards, we have compiled a summary of the Judges’ top recommendations arising from their review of this year’s shortlisted annual reports.

Read our Governance and Corporate Services Officer Roisin McGuigan's article here:

Top 10 Recommendations GGA 2022

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Top 10 Recommendations GGA 2022