Silence Louder than Words with the IMNDA

9 February 2021

The Irish Motor Neuron Disease Association are taking part in a sponsored silence campaign in a major fundraiser. The IMNDA are hoping to raise funds for their association and in turn, to increase motor neuron disease awareness throughout this campaign.

The resident Carmichael organisation, the IMNDA, will run the sponsored silence campaign which will use the hashtag #Voice4MND. The premise is supporters will stay silent for a total of 30 minutes, in order to experience what it is like to lose your voice like those with motor neuron disease.

The stats show that more than 80% of those living with MND will go on suffer some level of speech difficulty, with many losing their speech completely. Funds raised will go a long way to assist the IMNDA in their help and supports they provide for the MND community in Ireland.

For example, the IMNDA operate a free information phone line for those in need of information and general help with all that comes with an MND diagnosis. There is much more to their work however.

They employed four nurses, they have access to specialised equipment on a loan basis to all clients, once recommended by an occupational therapy etc. The money raised will really go to a multitude of vital services, not least bereavement counselling.

To date, the IMNDA have raised over €23,000, with 49 entrants having stayed silent for a total of 333 hours. As the IMNDA says, sometimes silence is louder than words. To keep informed with all the work of IMNDA you can check out their website here.

Finally, you can check out their social media too, their Twitter here, their Facebook here, and their YouTube here.