Sparkly Angels Christmas Cards Fundraiser for IMNDA

14 December 2021

Below is a bog from our friends and resident organisation The Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association (IMNDA), which we have reproduced on their behalf. For more information on their fantastic work visit their website here. 

AliMay (7), Saorlaith (6), Fiadh (4) and Maurice Grimes (1), better known as the Sparkly Angels are the next generation entrepreneurs! These kids did a course back in Spring 2020 called Financial Freedom which taught them how to set up small businesses such as Car washing and bread making. It also taught them about giving back to society and supporting good causes. One cause was near and dear to their hearts and that was IMNDA.

Eugene Loftus has been a close friend to our family for years and was a standout member to the Community through Football, Tennis, the Arts Society, Farming and gardening. He was so passionate about all of these and appreciated the essence in everything. The Sparkly Angels were huge fans of his and when he passed away 2 years ago, we were all deeply sadden, especially when he had so much more to give, and we had so much more to learn from him.

Picture from L to R: Eugene, Saorlaith, Maeve (Mummy), Fiadh, Mairead (Granny) and AliMay.

November 2020 the kids had an idea to make timber reindeers and snowmen (with the help of Mummy and Daddy) and to give half of the money to IMNDA, they raised €300, and we were all thrilled. It created great awareness of this magnificent cause and the kids learned how exciting it is to raise money for others.

A year older and wiser the kids wanted to repeat this success. They had been making Birthday cards and Thank You cards during the year and they got the idea to make Christmas Cards. The sparkly Angels were very busy designing and making Christmas cards. This time all proceeds went to IMNDA. Daddy contacted INMDA where we received great support, Jackie designed a poster with the Christmas Cards and sent us out T-shirts and a collection box and gave us great advice to set up an iDonate page. From there we set up an iDonate page and within 4 days almost €500 was raised, already exceeding last year’s fundraiser.

On behalf of the Sparkly Angels and Grimes family we want to sincerely thank everyone who donated so generously.

Picture L to R: Fiadh, Saorlaith and Maurice