The An Saol Foundation Are Offering Free Assessments

4 March 2020

The An Saol Foundation are offering free neuro-rehab assessments at their community clinic in Dublin today.

The An Saol Foundation are a resident Carmichael organisation, and are a non-profit group which focus on supporting those affected by severe Acquired Brain Injury (sABI). Their work is extensive, yet hyper-focused and ultimately full of empathy and compassion.

The Centre is now also open to clients with neurological injuries and conditions based in the Community, offering a range of rehabilitation therapies – including physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical exercise programmes – as well as access to a wide selection of robot-assisted gait training devices, functional electrical stimulation (FES), a TechLab, social rehabilitation activities, and support for activities of daily living.

An Saol have access to some incredible equipment including robot-assisted gait therapy such as the Lokomat and Andago as well as electric stimulation. They wish to highlight their work focuses on the long-term care and rehabiliatation of those affected with sABI

The An Saol Foundation was established in 2014 by the family of Pádraig Schaler to provide adequate and ongoing support to people with a severe Acquired Brain Injury (sABI). It now also offers neurological rehabilitation in the community.

To achieve its goals, the Foundation promotes awareness about sABI and neurological rehabilitation, supports research, delivers neurological rehabilitation services, raises funds, and engages in related support activities. The Foundation runs the An Saol Project which is co-funded by the Health Service Executive (HSE).

To find out more, you can check out their website here. They’re on social media too, see their Twitter and Facebook. Finally, you can donate directly to their fantastic efforts here.